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Simon Frick is composing and producing the soundtrack for the theater piece „Warten auf Tränengas“ written by Andreas Sauter and Bernhard Studlar. The stage play will be premiered at the 20th February 2020 under the direction of Hubert Dragaschnig at Theater Kosmos in Bregenz (AT).

Simon Frick is awarded the distinction „50 Köpfe von morgen 2016“ by the Vorarlberger Nachrichten.

„Gnigler“ wins the „BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award 2015“

The CD „Simon Frick Solo“ is available at Amazon iTunes CD Baby


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Simon Frick

Simon Frick was born in 1983 in Bludenz (AT) and studied classical violin under Josef Sabaini and Werner Neugebauer as well as jazz and improvised music under Andreas Schreiber at the “Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität” in Linz. In and beyond his studies he also dealt intensely with other styles like rock, experimental, free and contemporary music. In addition he got lessons from Christoph Cech, Peter Madsen, Peter Herbert, Harry Sokal, Alan Praskin,…

Simon Frick currently acts as a violinist in different styles especially in
experimental jazz, metal, contemporary music and he performs his
various projects at festivals, in concert halls and clubs all over the world.
Tours led him to numerous metropolises namely New York, Santiago de
Chile, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Teheran, Delhi, Istanbul, Shanghai, Vienna, Hamburg and others in the western and the eastern part of Europe.

Simon Frick composes and arranges for his own projects as well as for classical musicians.


Simon Frick Solo

A violin is more than just a violin! The reigning queen of acoustic nirvana, she mutates into a myriad of soundscapes, at times transforming herself into a percussion instrument, a guitar, a bass, or even a noise generator. Bowed, plucked, or tapped, the many playing possibilities this instrument has to offer make it the ideal centre around which to build a world of sound. A single instrument containing the possibilities of a whole band, that when electrified expands into the realms of metal.

The violin constantly reinvents itself and immitates a wide range of sound, delving into an ever expanding musical constellation. But at the end of the journey it arrives to its original point of departure, its core, its purest form of sound, and that is, the violin itself.

Simon Frick – Violin & Effects

Link: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana – Solo
Link: Veilchenalkowohl – Solo
Link: In The Name Of God by Dream Theater – Solo

Steel Bop

The pieces of the CD „Simon Frick Solo“ arranged for band with vocals, bass and drums.

Simon Frick – violin & effects
Anna Anderluh – vocals
Felipe Ramos – bass
Nikolaus Dolp – drums

Link: Trailer


The Band „Gnigler“ wins the „BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award 2015“ at Porgy & Bess in Vienna(A).

Jakob Gnigler – Tenorsax
Philipp Harnisch – Altsax
Alex Kranabetter – Trompete
Simon Frick – E-Geige, Effekte
Judith Ferstl – Kontrabass
Niki Dolp – Schlagzeug



The four string players are improvising freely and with strong energy on acoustic and specially prepared instruments.

Simon Frick – Geige
Judith Reiter – Bratsche
Maria Frodl – Cello
Thomas Stempkowski – Kontrabass


Frick / Gammon

Simon Frick – E- Violine & Effekte
Gammon – Modular Synthesizer

Link: Simon Frick & Gammon

Max Brand Ensemble

Simon Frick is violinist of the „Max Brand Ensembles“.


CC JOP – Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project

Simon Frick is part of „Christoph Cech’s Jazz orchestra project“.



CD bei Marmota Records 21.09.2018

CC JOP – Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project “Blue”


Christoph Cech – composer, conducter, e-piano
Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project

CD bei Playscape Recordings 01.05.2018

Peter Madsen’s Seven Sins Ensemble “Never Bet The Devil Your Head”


Peter Madsen – piano, composer
Herbert Walser – trumpet
Herwig Hammerl – double bass
Martin Grabher – drums & percussion
Aleksandra Lartseva – violin
Monika Tarcsay – violin
Simon Frick – viola & electronics
Bianca Riesner – cello

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei col legno 23.02.2018


Jakob Gnigler – compositions, tenor saxophone
Philipp Harnisch – alto saxophone
Alexander Kranabetter – trumpet
Simon Frick – e-violin
Judith Ferstl – double bass
Niki Dolp – drums

mehr infos unter: www.jakobgnigler/gnigler

CD bei ECM Records 03.11.2017

Michael Mantler “Comment C’est”


Michael Mantler – music, words, trumpet
Himiko Paganotti – voice

MAX BRAND Ensemble
conducted by Christoph Cech

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Marmota Records 12.09.2017

CC JOP – Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project “Titan”


Christoph Cech – composer, conducter, e-piano
Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project

CD bei Freifeld Tontraeger 21.07.2016


Simon Frick – violin
Judith Reiter – viola
Maria Frodl – violoncello
Thomas Stemkowski – contrabass

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Boomslang Records 13.12.2014

Simon Frick – Violin & Effects

CD bei Listen Closely 24.04.2014


Jakob Gnigler – Tenorsax, Komposition
Philipp Harnisch – Altsax, Komposition
Alex Kranabetter – Trompete, Es-Horn
Jakob Rieder – Tuba
Judith Ferstl – Kontrabass
Simon Frick – E-Geige, Effekte
Niki Dolp – Schlagzeug

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Jazzwerkstadt Records 13.12.2013


Elliott Sharp – composer, 8-string guitarbass

Studio Dan
conducted by Daniel Riegler

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Playscape Recordings 25.09.2012

Peter Madsen’s Seven Sins Ensemble “Gravity of Love”


Peter Madsen – piano
Herbert Walser – trumpet, horns & electronics
Dominik Neunteufel – double bass
Alfred Vogel – drums & percussion
Aleksandra Lartseva – violin
Monika Tarcsay – violin
Simon Frick – viola & electronics
Bianca Riesner – cello

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Boomslang Records 13.08.2012


Alfred Vogel – drums, percussion & samples
Lucas Dietrich – bass & FX
Simon Frick – e-violin, electronics

mehr Infos unter:

CD bei Traumton Records 23.09.2011


David Helbock: piano, electronics, percussion
Simon Frick: violin, electronics

mehr Infos unter:



Seemannslied (2008) – violin & piano

Rock ‚n‘ Roll (2008) – electric violin, bass & drums / violin & violoncello

Herzberger (2009) – violin & piano

Human (2009) – electric violin solo / string quartet / voice, electric violin, bass & drums

Nager (2010) – violin & piano

Nachtlied (2010) – violin & piano / violin & bass / violin solo / guitar solo

Veilchenalkowohl (2010) – violin solo

Internal Bleeding (2010) – electric violin solo / voice, electric violin, bass & drums

Escape (2011) – electric violin solo / electric violin, bass & drums

Medium (2012) – electric violin solo / electric violin, bass & drums

Moments (2013) – electric violin solo / voice, electric violin, bass & drums

Dazed (2013) – electric violin solo / voice, electric violin, bass & drums

Reise In Die Desillusion (2015) – string sextett & congas

Surfing The Fresh Breeze Of Joy (2015) – 2 violins / violin solo

Surrounded By Tension (2015) – viola, string orchestra & congas

Wellspring Of Fortune (2016) – violin solo

Unreality Smog (2016) – electric viola & violoncello

That Thing (2017) – choir, string quartet & piano

Das Land, Das Sie Das Leben Nennen (2017) – string trio & recitation

From Somewhere (2018) – viola solo

Dance (2018) – violin solo

Eine Mensch, Der Fliegen Wollte Und Abhob (2019) – 4 violas

Grateful (2019) – 4 violas

This Is Not The End, My Friend (2019) – electric violin, electric guitar & bass

A Glance Into Enlightenment (2019) – electric violin, electric guitar & bass

Warten auf Tränengas (2020) – violin & electric violin
Soundtrack to the stage play „Warten auf Tränengas“ written by Andreas Sauter & Bernhard Studlar



„Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass Simon Frick ein wirklich starkes Album gelungen ist, eines, das sich dem Rock der harten Prägung einmal aus einer anderen Richtung annähert und wegen der überaus ideenreichen musikalischen Umsetzung sein Pulver erfreulicherweise auch nach vielen Durchläufen noch nicht verschossen hat.”
(Mica 26.01.2015, Michael Ternai)

“Hearing Simon Frick takes you places you’ve never been. Violin plus so much more here. A terrific adventure!”
(Amazon March 15, Grady Harp)

“Simon Frick is a wild, untameable artist, enterprising like no one else…”
(Jazz da Gama April 20, 2015, Raul da Gama)

“It is a real ear-opener! Maybe even an era-opener! You will undeniably get something out of this music wherever you come from. He is an artist, truly, an innovator, and a creative force that needs to be heard.”
(Gapplegate Music April 27, 2015, Grego Edwards)

“Simon Frick is certainly expanding the boundaries of what is possible with the violin and when he speaks about the limitless potential of this musical instrument, his music really confirms his words.”
(Koktebel Jazz 08.05.2015)

„Schön, dass es nun neben Nigel Kennedy einen weiteren experimentierwilligen Musiker aus der Welt der E-Musik gibt.”
(Musik an sich 19.05.2015, Wolfgang Giese)

„Nirvanas „Smells Like Teen Spirit“ hat man so noch nicht gehört. (…) In seinen Interpretationen spielt er mit sich selbst, packt Rhythmen unter sein ruppiges Losgehen, zupft, streicht, rast und bremst, schlägt und dribbelt sanft, auf dass man staunt, was auf diese Weise alles möglich wird.“
(Leipziger Volkszeitung 06.06.2015, Uste)

„…he is using everything he has (literally at hand) to take you on journeys that this vehicle is not normally known for. The tires wear well!“
(Jazz Weekly 18.06.2015, George W. Harris)

„Das Album reicht von druckvollem bis zum minimalistischen Sound, wirkt experimentell und ist zugleich mit mitreißenden Melodien gespickt.
Ein Ein-Mann-Projekt, das überrascht und überzeugt!“
(Hörspiegel 01.07.2015, Michael Brinkschulte)

„He seemed intent upon proving the violin is capable of things few had ever envisioned. And he succeeds.“
(Doobeedoobeedoo 18.07.2015, Dawoud Kringle)


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Simon Frick
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